Formal Car Hire

If you’re looking for formal car hire Newcastle for any special occasion happening soon, our Chrysler 300 c rides are exactly what you need. It boasts of comfy seats and guaranteed uniqueness, not to mention a fast and smooth ride that you can most definitely rely on. You won’t even have to worry about driving yourself while wearing that suit and tie or gown; we’ll have one of our pro drivers at Gangsta Wedding Car Hire handle the driving for you.

You will definitely impress anyone as you arrive in a party venue in a classy black car that looks just so “gangsta”. You may not be part of the Mafia but looking like you’re a character straight from a Godfather film surely does have its perks—you might even get the attention of the lady you’re trying to impress for a long time! Our formal car hire Newcastle is one that you can be very proud of. You’ll be arriving in a sleek and classy black and gold car that exudes a Bonnie type of persona or a bad and mean Capone-style car that lets you keep your head up high. You won’t have to ride that little blue car you’ve always driven around on this one special event because we’ll handle the car for you. Reliable yet affordable services, you’ll surely enjoy your ride with Gangsta Wedding Car Hire.

Formal events could be just about anything—a friend’s wedding, your parents’ anniversary party, a meeting with a big client that you badly want to impress or even an office party that might just also be the day when your promotion will be announced. Ride with pride in a formal car hire Newcastle driven by your very own chauffeur!

For your formal car hire Newcastle needs, just give us a call and we’ll gladly discuss what your need. 

formal car hire newcastle

formal cars newcastle